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Volume : 6; Issue: 1 (Current Issue)

A Review of the Advances in the Mechanisms used to Mitigate/Reverse HIV Latency- Review Article

Nyamweya SM*

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Burden of Care on Caregivers of Children infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Calabar, Nigeria- Research Article

Ochigbo SO1*, Oparah SK2, Torty C3

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Knowledge and Practices of Male Circumcision as an HIV/AIDS Prevention Measure among Males in Mbarara Municipality- Research Article

Moses A1*, Patience K2, Christopher K3

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Male-Female Differences in Sexual Behaviors and HIV Sero Prevalence among Workers in Socializing Places: Results from PLACE Survey, Uganda- Research Article

Babirye S1*, Atuyambe L2, Kasasa S3, Ssendagire S1, Nattimba M4, Ssengooba F1

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Pharmacogenetic Associations with ADME Variants and Virologic Response to an Initial HAART Regimen in HIV-Infected Women- Research Article

Pearce CL1,2*, Stram D2, Wiensch A1, Frasco MA2, Kono N2, Van Den Berg D2, Anastos K3, Cohen MH4, DeHovitz J5, Golub ET6, Tamraz B7, Liu C8, Mack WJ2

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Refractory Hypokalemia in a Patient with HIV Infection- Case Report

Ivaturi Venkata Nagesh1*, T Murari2, VK Sashindran3, VA Arun4

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Varicella and Herpes Zoster in an HIV-Positive Adult- Case Report

Elloudi S1*, Baybay H1, Rabhi R2, Mernissi FZ1

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CD4+ Cell Count, Lipid And Lipoprotein Levels In Hiv Patients On Drug Treatment- Research Article

Adedokun Kamoru A1,5*, Olisekodiaka Japhet M1,4, Adeyeye Adetunji D2, Adepeju Akinlawon A2, Muhibi Musa A3, Onifade Abdufatah A5, Olaoye Jelili A6, Adetoro Taofik A1, UGWU Prince I1,5, Oyenike Musiliu A1

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HIV/AIDS and the Millennium Development Goals: A Public Sentiment Analysis of World AIDS Day Twitter Chat- Research Article

Odlum M1*, Yoon S2

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Qualitative Detection of Proviral-DNA of HIV-1 In Infants To Determine The Efficacy of Antiretroviral Therapy In The Prevention of Vertical Transmission of HIV-1 In The Gambia- Research Article

Lamin B. Cham1,3*, Ousman Bah P2, Sembène PM3, Ceesay M1, Joof E1, Kebbeh A1, Gueye M3, Njie E4, Sanneh B1

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Perceptions Regarding HIV/AIDS and Risky Behaviours Among Prison Inmates in Southwest Region of Cameroon- Research Article

Tarkang EE*, Pietra V, Adam A, Fusheini A, Kweku M, Pencille L

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Elimination The HIV From The Human Body Using Acoustics Nano-Waves- Research Article

Hafdaoui H*

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in Young Adults: Treatment of Substance Use Disorders as a Priority Component of HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment in Low and Middle Income Countries- Review Article

Kresina TF*, Kaplowitz L, Johnson K

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Management of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Alterations in HIV positive patients- Review Article

Altizani GM, de Oliveira LD, dos Santos Tortajada J, Monteleone VF, Mangili O, Bonafe S*

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Barriers Access to HIV Testing and Treatment Services in the District of Purba Medinipur, West Bengal; India - Focus Group Discussion- Review Article

Biswas DK*, Bhunia R, Basu M, Mishra A

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Relationship between Presarcopenia and Trabecular Bone Score in HIV - Infected People- Research Article

Briongos-Figuero LS*, Palacios-Martín T, Bachiller-Luque P, de Luis D, Pérez-Castrillón JL

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Management of HIV During Pregnancy- Review Article

Chamma JP, Monteleone VF, V dos Reis L, Bonafe SM, Panão M*

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Infant Feeding Practices Implemented by HIV-Positive Mothers in South Africa- Research Article

Mbokane AN, Ehlers VJ*, Roos JH

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Behavioral Competencies and Low Alcohol and Drugs Use Predicts Medication - Adherence Behaviors Among HIV+ Persons from Venezuela- Research Article

JA Piña*, M Miaja, EM Álvarez, RD González, LE Fierros, JL Ybarra

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The Relationships between Cholesterol, Tobacco and Alcohol Use : A New Opportunity for Intervention among People Living with HIV- Research Article

Miguez MJ*, Rosenberg R, Perez C, Espinoza L, Yoo C, Vargas M

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A Study on Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour and Practice (KABP) towards HIV/AIDS in Manipur, India- Research Article

Lamkang SA*, PC Joshi, MM Singh

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Renal Disease in HIV: Practical Aspects for Nephrologists- Review Article

Haragsim L*, Grant Z Meltzer

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Sexual Activity and Unprotected Sex Among Treatment Seeking HIV/AIDS Patients: A Multi-Site Study in Nigeria- Research Article

B.O. Olley*, K O. Adebayo, M.J Ogunde,Odeigah.W

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Factors Influencing the Utilization of Anti-Retroviral Drugs by HIV Positive Pregnant Women in Busia District, Busia County- Research Article

Aquinatta ML*, Gachuno O, Wachira W, Chawla K, Thomasine D. Guberski, Njiri F, Wycliffe N, Oyugi J, Isaac o. Kibwage

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Profile of Seropositives Visiting a HIV Screening Centre of a Tertiary Care Teaching Institute in North India- Research Article

Siddharth Rao PS*, Bajpai S, Pandey P, TN Dhole, Hem Chandra

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A Rare Case of Haemophagocytic Syndrome in a HIV Seropositive Patient with Cytomegalovirus Induced Paraparesis- Case Report

Chatterji S*, Chakraborty S, Shashya S Khaling, Naskar A, Ghosh MK, Pal S, Misra AK, Mallik S, Saha B

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CCR5 Genotyping and Chemokine Receptor usage among HIV-1 Treatment - Naive and Experienced Patients in India- Research Article

Vadwai V, Mandsaurwala A, Mukherjee S, Suchi Vora, Das BR*

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Rapidly Progressive Multicentric Castleman’s Disease in Patient with Acute Retroviral Syndrome:A Case Report- Case Report

Hassan A*, Carroll C, Espina T

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Integration of National AIDS Control Program and Pharmacovigilance Program of India-Antiretroviral Drugs safety coactions in India- Case Report

Kalaiselvan V*, Prasad T, Vivek D, Gyanendranath S, Rathore A.S, Rewari B.B

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Epidemiological Considerations on Hiv in Constanţa County. Aspects of Geographical Distribution on Hiv Aids Cases in Territory. Elements of The Hiv Aids Infections Management with Impact on Environment - Research Article

Serban IG

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Cryptococcal lymphadenopathy: A Rare Case Report- Case Report

Uttiya Brahmachari

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Synthesis and Anti Hiv-1 Reverse Transcriptase Evaluation of A Series of N-Mono Substituted Thiourea Derivatives- Research Article

G. Meng*, M. Wang, M. S. Dong, A. Q. Zheng, J. Shi, E. De Clercq, C. Pannecouque, J. Balzarini

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Epidemiological Considerations On Hiv In Constanţa County Contribution to the epidemiological characterization of the retrospective cohort (1987 - 1993) from Constanta- Research Article

Iulia Gabriela Şerban

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Knowledge and Practice of Emergency Contraceptives Among Students at Ambo Techniques College, Ethiopia- Retracted

Mwitari, Peter Githaiga, Bian, Yuhong, Ayeka, Peter Amwogah, Zhang, Yan Jun

Study on the Distribution of HIV/AIDS Infections Among Age Groups Attending General Hospital Toto, Central Nigeria- Research Article

Gyar, S.D*,Reuben C.R and Haruna M.S

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