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Spectacular Presentation of Tuberous Xanthomas in a Case of Familial Hypercholesterolemia Type IIa - Case Report - IJPA

Barbach Y*, Chaouche M, Cherif AD, Elloudi S, Baybay H, Mernissi FZ

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Solitary Cutaneous Myxoma in a Child: Rare Entity - Case Report - IJPA

Barbach Y1*, Mazti A2, Baybay H1, Chaouche M1, Cherif AD1, Hamas N2, Mernissi FZ1

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Acute Generalized Exanthematous Pustulosis in a Child without Drug Intake: Clinical and Histological Features - Case Report - IJPA

Senhaji G*, El Jouari O, Zakia D, Lamouaffaq A, Elloudi S, Bay Bay H, Mernissi FZ

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Assessment of Three Databases for the NASA Seven-Coefficient Polynomial Fits for Calculating Thermodynamic Properties of Individual Species - Research Article - IJASAR

Osama A. Marzouk*

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Our Experience of using Caudal Anesthesia in "Small" Surgical Interventions in Newborns - Research Article - IJAR

Nasibova EM1*, Polukhov R. Sh1, Ismailov IS2

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Comparative Study of the Effects of Gabapentin and Esmolol on Hemodynamic Response to Laryngoscopy and Intubation - Research Article - IJAR

AB Tiwari1*, Bhardwaj G2, Mestha N3

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Spectacular Improvement of Neumann Pemphigus Vegetans, Treated with Erythromycin: Report of a Case - Case Report - IJCDR

CH Saadani*, S Gallouj, FZ Mernissi

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Isolated Migratory Stomatitis: Report of A Rare Case - Case Report - IJCDR

Garma M1*, Hasni W1, Hassouna M1, Messaoud NB1, Youssef SB1, Boughzela A2

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A Study on Patients Presenting Like Acute Coronary Syndrome in the Absence of Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease on Coronary Angiogram - Research Article - IJCRR

Basu S1, Majumder B2, Sarkar R3*, Mazumdar J4

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Ophthalmic Zoster: A Rare and underdiagnosed Skin Disease in Children - Case Report - IJCDR

Barbach Y*, Baybay H, Chaouche M, Dah Cherif A, Elloudi S, Mernissi FZ

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Allogeneic Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy in a Desperate Case of Forearm and Hand Ischemia - Research Article

Riera del Moral L1,2,3*, Salazar Alvarez AE2, Stefanov Kiuri S1,2, Martin Segarra O4, Luque JM4, Fernandez ME5, Garcia Arranz M3,6

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Myelin Area and Axon Diameter Relation in Renal Nerve Myelinated Fibers of Acute and Chronic Diabetic Rats - Research Article

Sato KL1#, Fazan FS2#, Sanada LS3#, Ferreira Rda S4#, Castania JA5, Salgado HC5, Fazan VPS4,6*

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Male Infertility and Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the Testis-Specific Succinyl CoA: 3-Oxoacid CoA Transferase (SCOT-T/OXCT2) gene in a Japanese Cohort - Research Article

Tanaka H1*, Miyagawa Y2, Tsujimura A3, Nishimune Y4

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Surface Property Dependent Biocompatibility Analysis of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys to be used in Root Canal Shaping Applications - Research Article

S Mine Toker*

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How Many Teeth are Extracted as Part of Orthodontic Treatment? A Survey of 2038 UK Residents - Research Article

Mew J1*, Trenouth M2

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The Association between Mastication, Malocclusion, and Craniofacial Morphology - Research Article

Zhiyi S, Min G, Yanqi Y*

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Long - Term Effects of Rapid Maxillary Expansion on Upper Airway Structures - Research Article

Ching PST, Savoldi F, Tsoi JKH, Gu M*

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A Case of Dandy-Walker Malformation Complicated by Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome -Research Article

Ueki M1, Maeda M1, Sugiyama T1,2*, Kohmoto R1, Kojima S1, Ikeda T1, Harada A3, Kanemura Y4, Miya F4, Tsunoda T5, Yamasaki M3

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