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Ossification of the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament: A Case Report of Difficult Intubation in a Resource Limited Setting - Case Report - IJAR

Bidur Kumar B1, Puspa Raj P1, Shubhash R1, Yadav A1, Jense RJ2*

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Cell Supplying to the Experimentally Induced Absorbable Suture Thread Foreign Body Granuloma from the Bone Marrow Tissues - Research Article - IJDOS

Nakayasu Y1, Aoki S2, Shoumura M2,3, Osuga N2,3, Okafuji N1, Nakano K4, Nagatsuka H4, Tsujigiwa H5, Kawakami T1*

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Real-Life Clinical Effectiveness of Razumab® (World's First Biosimilar Ranibizumab) in Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Macular Edema, and Retinal Vein Occlusion: A Retrospective Pooled Analysis - Research Article - IJOES

(Major) Sharma S1*, RE-ENACT Study Investigators Group2, Khan MA3, Chaturvedi A3

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Pilomatricoma of the Arm in a Child: A Rare Localization - Research Article - IJCDR

K Moustaide1*, A Mazti2, O Eljouari1, H BayBay2, N Hammas2, S Gallouj1, FZ Mernissi1

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Psychiatric Hospitals their Early History to the 20th Century in Canada - Research Article - IJBRP

Sussman S*

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Clients and Providers' Perceptions on the Quality and Provision of Contraceptive Services to Youths at Community Level in Rural Uganda: A Qualitative Study - Research Article - IJRFSH

Babirye S1*, Akulume M2, Kisakye AN3, Kiwanuka SN2

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Alteration of Peripheral Blood T-cell Subsets in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease; Exposure to Ionizing Radiation (X-rays) and Contrast Medium - Research Article - IJCRR

Demirhan O1*, Çetinel N1, Çetiner S4, Çagliyan ÇE2, Cureoglu A2, Uslu IN1, Deveci OS2, Sertdemir Y3, Demirtas M2

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Assessment of Some Heavy Metals, Electrolytes and Nutritional Status of Masons (Cement Brick Layers) in Uromi, Nigeria - Research Article - IJNHS

Dic-Ijiewere Ebenezer O1*, Okogun GRA2, Akhogba OI2

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Case Report of Making Diagnosis and Successful Surgical Treatment of Double Aortic Arch in Vietnam National Childrenís Hospital - Case Report - IJCRR

Hanh LTH1, Huyen TT1, Thanh DTM2*

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How Many Teeth are Extracted as Part of Orthodontic Treatment? A Survey of 2038 UK Residents - Research Article

Mew J1*, Trenouth M2

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A Case of Dandy-Walker Malformation Complicated by Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome -Research Article

Ueki M1, Maeda M1, Sugiyama T1,2*, Kohmoto R1, Kojima S1, Ikeda T1, Harada A3, Kanemura Y4, Miya F4, Tsunoda T5, Yamasaki M3

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