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Volume :4; Issue: 1 (Current Issue)

The Promise of Magnesium Based Materials in Aerospace Sector- Research Article

Gupta M1*, Gupta N2

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Effects of Flight - Exposure and Age on Cervical and Trunk Musculoskeletal Characteristics in Army Helicopter Pilots - Research Article

Nagai T*, Keenan KA, Abt JP, Sell TC, Smalley BW, Wirt MD, Lephart SM

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Developing Airline Segmentation Based on The On-time Performance- Research Article

Dothang Truong*

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Lamb Waves for Detection of Delamination in Composite Plates - Review Article

Gilad G*, Brook A

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Flutter Analysis of A Laminated Composite Plate with Temperature Dependent Material Properties - Research Article

Zafer K*, Zahit M

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Axial Stiffness Variation of Thin Walled Laminated Composite Beams Using Piezoelectric Patches- a New Experimental Insight- Research Article

H. Abramovich*

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Universal Concept of Self-Synchronization of The Micro/Nano- Structures of The Energetic Materials Reactionary Zones and Micro-Scale Combustion Mechanisms- Research Article

Alexander N. Lukin*

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Asymmetric and Unsteady Flow Separation in High Mach Number Planar Nozzles- Review Article

E. Shimshi, G. Ben-Dor*, A. Levy, A. Krothapalli

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UAV Flight Dynamics- Review Article

Philip Scott Blackwelder

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Applicability of Canister For Barraging Missiles- Review Article - Retracted

Irish Angelin S, Raja S, Rajesh N, Arunvinthan S*

Adaptive Backstepping Sliding Mode Control for Roll Channel of Launch Vehicle- Research Article

Arun Kumar V V*, Laila Beebi M

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Commercial Cameras Accurate Focal Length Estimation for Satellite Optical Observation- Research Article

Tamer M Ahmed*, Karim K Ahmed, Ayman H Kassem

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Finite Element Analysis and Vibration Testing of a Simple Replicate Beam-Type Aircraft Wing with and without Secondary Structure Attached- Research Article

Santhosh K. N*, Yihun Y, Hamid M. L

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A Review of Flapping Wing MAV Modelling- Research Article

Mwongera VM

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Analytical Solutions for the Point Source Spherical Blast Wave Propagation with γ = 7- Research Article

Takahashi S

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Necessary Modifications to the Strap-Down Inertial Navigation System Model for Non-Earth-Based Users- Research Article

Tamer Mekky Ahmed

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Qualification of Composite Structure for Cubesat Picosatellites as a Demonstration for Small Satellite Elements- Research Article

A. Ampatzoglou A.Baltopoulos, A.Kotzakolios, V. Kostopoulos*

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The Pressure Problem of The Incompressible Flow Equations - Editorial

Shaaban Abdallah

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Dynamic Analysis of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems by Polynomial Chaos Expansion (PCE) - Review Article

Lamrhari M1, D Sarsri2, Azrar L3, Rahmoune M1*, Sbai K1

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Use of the Power of Phase Transition to Explain Turbulence & Sonoluminescence - Review Article

WS Gan*

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Detecting Low-Velocity Impact Damage in Composite Plates via a Minimization of Measured and Simulated Origin Approach -Review Article

Gilad G*, Brook A, Uri Sol

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Rotating Flow Simulations with OpenFOAM- Review Article

Wilhelm D*

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