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Sexual Maturity Signs and Histological Alterations of Adult Oreochromis Niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758) Fed Probiotic - Research Article

Mehrim AI*, Khalil FF, Hassan ME

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Hemorrhagic Centrolobar Necrosis and Cytoplasmic Vacuolation of the Hepatocytes in Syzygium Guineense Chronic Treated Mice - Research Article

Abba S1,2*, Omotoso. O Dare2, Joseph Ibrahim M3, Eyinna O4

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Extreme Cardiac Hypertrophy in a Male Cadaver in our Human Anatomy Class - A Case Report - Case Report

Rivera JP1*, Sugranes M2, Antonetti A3, Arrieta A3, Lopez AR3, Sandoval J3

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Human Placentae in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension - A Histologic and Morphometric Analysis - Research Article

Rohini P1, Siddharth T2, Fathima A3, Dhiren P4*

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Size of Bulla Ethmoidalis and Sinonasal Mucosa: Does it Matters in Osteomeatal Complex Obstruction? - Research Article

Hosapatna M, Prasanna LC, Ankolekar VH*

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Why It is Important to Understand the Relation between Foam Rolling and Proprioception - Editorial

Amasay T*, David E

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A Morphometric Study of Incisura Fibularis in South Indian Population with its Clinical Implications - Research Article

Gupta C1*, Nayak N1, Palimar V2

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Palatal Rugae Coding: Evaluating its Usefulness in Differentiating Sex and Establishing Identity - Research Article

Aigbogun (Jr.) E.O1,2*, Ibeachu P.C2

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Variations of Sciatic Nerve Bifurcation: A Study - Research Article

Sangeetha V, Divya Shanthi D'Sa*

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Methods of Studying the Social Structure of Early Hominins: A Mini Review - Review Article

Al-Imam A*

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Obligate Bipedal Locomotion in the Modern Human: A Review of Musculoskeletal Modifications - Research Article

Al-Imam A1,2*

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Premenstrual Syndrome in Adolescents and Body Composition - Editorial

Jahromi MK

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Variations in Origin and Course of the Right and Left Coronary Arteries in Autopsied Hearts at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia - Research Article

Silitongo M*, Zulu H, Buumba PN, Bowa K, Erzingatsian K, Kafumukache EB

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Gallbladder Diseases in India - Editorial

Khan M

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Histomorphological Spectra of Gallbladder Specimens after Cholecystectomy in Benign Disease - Research Article

Gaharwar A, Mishra SR*, Kumar V

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Accuracy of Fine Needle Aspiration of Pelvic Masses, A Cyto-histological Correlation - Research Article

Pourabolghasem S*, Dastranj A, Asghari N

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Anatomical Variations of Aortic Arch Branching Pattern Among the Chinese - Research Article

Zhang Y*, Kaka A.K. Katiella, Wang li, Zhang H, Afzal F, Sun H, Xing YH

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Somatotyping in Adolescents: Stratified by Sex and Physical Activity - Research Article

Subramanian S K, Vivek Kumar S*, Vinayathan A, Krishnakumar R, Rajendran R

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The Relation between Scapular Dyskinesis and the Upper Quarter Y-Balance Test - Research Article

Amasay T*, Hall GA II, Shapiro S, Ludwig K

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Immature Coconut Water: A Renal Protective Agent in Wistar Rats - Research Article

Okafor CW, Ekezie J*, Ndubuka GI, Ezejiofor, T.I.N

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Craniometric Indices of Nigeria Skulls - Research Article

Orish CN*, Ibeachu PC

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A Comparison of Radiographic Acetabular Measurements in Elderly Patients with and without Osteoarthritis - Research Article

Samona J*, Elia C, Les C, Jackson A, Little B, Darwiche H, Vaidya R

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Evaluation of Effect of Cannabis Smoking on the Hematological Properties of Selected Adult Male Students Smokers - Research Article

Nwaichi E. O*, Omorodion, F. O

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A Gold Key to Open the Door to Archival Biomedical Tissue Treasure - Editorial

Shi SR*, Shi Y

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Myelin Area and Axon Diameter Relation in Renal Nerve Myelinated Fibers of Acute and Chronic Diabetic Rats - Research Article

Sato KL1#, Fazan FS2#, Sanada LS3#, Ferreira Rda S4#, Castania JA5, Salgado HC5, Fazan VPS4,6*

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