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Volume : 4 ; Issue: 3 (Current Issue)

The Impact of Chronic Diseases on the Quality of Life among Elderly Survivors from Earthquake in-Northern Thailand- Research Article

Sudnongbua S*

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Premature Puberty in Obese Female Children Aged 5-17 in the United States for 2013-2014- Research Article

Pichainarongk S1, Bidaisee S2*

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Effectiveness of Cancer Registriess- Review Article

Pichainarongk S1, Bidaisee S2*

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Comparison of Parkinson's Disease Features in Males and Females- Review Article

Pourabolghasem S1, Najmi S2*

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Crohns Disease: Is Quality of Life Explained by the Same Factors in Male and Female Patients?- Research Article Retracted

Rare Presentation of a Rare Orthopedic Pathology: Erdheim Chester Disease- Case Report

Samona J*, Owen J, Martin S

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Mindfulness Based Breast Cancer Management: Review Study- Review Article

Farahbakhsh K, Mokri Vala M*

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Towards A Successful Peritoneal Dialysis Program- Editorial

Karkar A

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Dietary and Exercise Educational Program for Patients Taking Antipsychotic Medication- Research Article

Aurelus E

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Screening for Chronic Kidney Disease in a Small Developing Country using the National Kidney Foundation Guidelines- Case Report

Mungrue K*, Khan S, Bisnath R, Jaipaul J, Doodhai J, Ramlal D, Boodram S, Chin-Kong P, Badhal J, Roberts L

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BRCA1 Mutation Leads to Deregulated Ubc9 Levels which Triggers Proliferation and Migration of Patient-Derived High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer and Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells- Research Article

Xu J, Footman A, Qin Y, Aysola K, Black S, Reddy V, Singh K, Grizzle W, You S, Moellering D, Reddy ES, Fu Y, Rao VN*

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Home-Telemonitoring Lung Cancer Intervention in Appalachia: A Pilot Study- Research Article

Chen YJ*, Narsavage GL, Frick KD, Petitte TM

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A Brief Review for Managing Spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis- Review Article

Najmi S, Hormoz A, Pourabolghasem S*

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Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis- Editorial

Mirhashemi S*, Mirhashemi AH, Kalantar Motamedi MH, Danial Z, Khoshmohabat H

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Study of Prevalence of Martin-Gruber Anomaly in Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Research Article

Ayramlou H, Najmi S*, Yazdchi M, Naeimi M, Pourabolghasem S

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Non-Operative Management of Knee Osteoarthritis Disability- Review Article

Marks R*

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Systematic Strategy Opinion for Research and Clinical Practice of Chronic Diseases- Editorial

Zhan X

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Cultural and Spiritual Dimension of Chronic Disease: An Important Concern for Practitioners- Editorial

Wiwanitkit V

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Restless Legs Syndrome- Review Article

Najmi S, Pourabolghasem S*

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Mesenchymal Stem Cells Benefit Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease- Editorial

Li M*, Ikehara S

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