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Volume: 7 ; Issue: 1 (Current Issue)

Design and Experimental Analysis of a Cetirizine Hydrochloride Drug Sensor - Research Article

Ren LJ*, Xu G

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Safe and Efficient siRNA Therapy using Nanosecond Laser and Electrical Pulses - Editorial

Raji Sundararajan*

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Structural and Chemical Research of Coordination Compounds of Hexaaqua Bisbenzol-1, 2, 4, 5- Tetracarbonate Diiron (II) With A Layered-Porous Structure, For Heavy Crude Oil - Research Article

BT Usubaliyev1, DB Taghiyev2, VH Nurullayev3*, FB Aliyeva3, MK Munshiyeva2, PS Safarova3

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Current Advancements of the Smartphone - Based Point - of - Carediagnosis - Review Article

Sun R, Chang YC, Wang LJ, Li L*

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Investigation of Natural Convection Boundary Layer Heat and Mass Transfer of MHD water-Al2O3 Nanofluid in a Porous Medium - Research Article

Sheikhzadeh G, Ghasemi H, Abbaszadeh M*

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Review of Nanomedicine - Short Communication

Eshaghian-Wilner MM*, Cheung J, Bharghava A, Lee W, Schlesinger M, Shah Y, Uppal A, Ravicz K

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Multiscale Modeling for Material Phase Change Problems - Editorial

Xiao S*, Ni J, Zhang Y

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Coagulopathy Caused by the Main Anticoagulant Fractions of Echis carinatus Snake Venom on Blood - Review Article

Salmanizadeh H*, Zolfagharian H, Babaie M

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Boron Nitride Nanotubes for Space Radiation Shielding - Editorial

Mahdi Ghazizadeh, Joseph E. Estevez, Ajit D. Kelkar*

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Crystallization of Amorphous Iron Nanoparticles by Means of Molecular Dynamics Simulation - Research Article

Hoang HV

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Efficiency Enhancement of Solar Cell Using Metamaterials - Research Article

Dena M. El-Amassi, Hala J. El-Khozondar*, Mohammed M. Shabat

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Photoelectric Characteristics Of Nano TiO2 Film Prepared By Spraying Pyrolysis Method - Review Article

Cuong Tran Kim

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Synthesis and Characterization of Ultrafine and Porous Structure of Magnesium Ferrite Nanospheres - Research Article

M. Penchal Reddy*, X. B. Zhou, Q. Huang, R. Ramakrishna Reddy

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A Comparative Study on the Textile Effluent Decolourization by Using Synthesized Nano Particle and Procured Nano Particle - Research Article

Narayanappa Madhusudhana, Kambalagere Yogendra, Kittappa M Mahadevan

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Brief Review on Some Major Factors Affecting Visible Light Activity of Titania Photocatalyst- Review Article

Burtrand I Lee

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The Time of Engineers In Graphene Research- Editorial

Mario L

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Synthesis of CoxNi1-XFe2o4 (X = 0.0, 0.5, 1.0) Nanoparticles by Chemical Co-Precipitation Route - Research Article

K. Maaz*, Ayesha Ihsan, Fatima Ishtiaq, Fatima Masood, S. Karim

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Renoprotective and antioxidant renal effects of cilnidipine in DOCA Salt -Treated Albino Rats- Research Article

Sahar Mohamed Kama1

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Fabrication and Magnetoresistance of Single Au-Ni-Au Nanowire - Research Article

S. Ishrat*, K. Maaz, S. Karim

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On The Importance of Understanding Biointeractions of Nanomaterials with the Immune System - Editorial

Dmitri Simberg*, Igor Tsigelny

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Techniques Used For Development of Aqueous Polymeric Dispersio - Research Article

Shruti Singh, Ashu Mittal, Sheikh Murtuja, Uma Kant Bajaj, Sanjar Alam*

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Carbon Nanofibers from Electrospinning - A Promising Electrode Material for Energy Storage and Conversion - Editorial

Lifeng Zhang

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Development and Evaluation of an Aqueous Polymeric Dispersion of Eudragit L 100-55 Using Emulsification Technology - Research Article

Shruti Singh, Ashu Mittal, Neha Gupta, Nitesh Chauhan, Sanjar Alam*

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3D Simulation of Fin Geometry Influence on Corner Effect in Multifin Dual and Tri-Gate SOI-Finfets - Research Article

A N Moulai Khatir*, A Guen-Bouazza, B Bouazza

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Development and Characterization of Mucoadhesive Film of Nitrendipine for Buccal Administration - Review Article

Nitish Chauhan*, Ashu Mittal, U.K.Bajaj

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Proniosomes as a Drug Carrier for Transdermal Delivery of Candesartan Cilexetil - Research Article

Sanjar Alam*, Swati Mittal, Ashu Mitta, Kiran Sharma

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Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (SPIONS): The King in The Cosmos of Multimodal Onco- Nanotheranostics - Editorial

Jagat R Kanwar, SishirK Kamalapuram

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ZnO nanowire gas sensor with UV-light for improved sensitivity - Research Article

T.S.van den Heever, G.L.Hardie, W.J.Perold

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Nanotechnology-Based Cancer Treatments - Editorial

Raji Sundararajan

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Photocatalyst Nanomaterials for Environmental Challenges and Opportunities - Editorial

Youngmi Koo,Boyce Collins,Jagannathan Sankar,and Yeoheung Yun

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Self-Assembled Microwires of Aromatic Acids and Melamine - Research Article

Hong Wang, Noah Johnson, Sagar Vallabh, Ezra Brooks, Leo Kopp, Taylor Grimes, Xiaohe Xu, and Hai-Feng Ji

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Nanoscale Small Interfering Rna Delivery Systems For Personalized Cancer Therapy - Research Article

Fatih Uckun & Seang Yiv

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Nanoparticle Based Combination Treatments for Targeting Multiple Hallmarks of Cancer -Review Article

VanDyke D, Kyriacopulos P, Yassini B, Wright A, Burkhart E, Jacek S, Pratt M, Peterson CR, Rai P*

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Nanoscale Cancer Therapeutics: Advances, Hurdles and Hopes -Research Article

Moffatt S*

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Removal of Heavy Metals by Indigenous Microorganisms and Identification of Gene Responsible for Remediation -Research Article

Jaya Sharma*

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Tissue Depth Study for a Fully Implantable, Remotely Powered and Programmable Wireless Neural Stimulator -Review Article

Tyler Perryman L*, Larson P, Glaser J

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Investigation of Electron Transport Through Alkanedithoil of Functionalized Zn3P2 Nanowires for Hydrogen Production -Review Article

Li H*, Yu YH, Vasiraju V, Vaddiraju S, Cheng Z*

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