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Volume : 5; Issue: 6 (Current Issue)

A Rare Case of Oxidised Cellulose Causing an Reaction Mimicking Post Thyroidectomy Abscess Formation - A Case Report & Review of Literature - Case Report

Rubecka S*, Mihaimeed F*

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Fournier's Gangrene in Upper Egypt, Case Series of 14 Patients - Case Report

Abulezz T*

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Novel Suturing Technique for Fascia Closure after Laparotomy: Spider Suture to Increase the Tearing Force of the Fascia - Research Article

Demir R1,2*

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Head Trauma using A Bladed Weapon - Case Report

Diallo M1,2*, Kouitcheu R1, Alfalasi M1, Kaya JM1, Touta A1, Roche PH1

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The Use of Point of Care Testing for Monitoring of APTT in Patients Receiving Heparin Infusion - Research Article

Surman TL*, Tran M, Worthington MG

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Clinical Outcomes of Orbital Trauma in South Australia- Research Article

Surman TL1*, Mourik KV2, Sambrook PJ3, Goss A4

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A Rare Case Of Dedifferentiated Chondrosarcoma: Discrepancy Between Imaging And Histopathology Examination- Case Report

Gede EWI, Satrio Adiwardhana GKI, Santosa C*

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Fibroadenoma of Ectopic Breast Tissue - A Case Report- Case Report

Anuj Srinivasan*, Bose JC, Govindaraj K, Parthasarathy Ramalingam

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Replaced Loss of Upper Eyelid by Frontal Skin Graft- Case Report

Dieu D*

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Upper Tract Urothelial Tumor with Renal Vein and Inferior Vena Cava Thrombus Case Report- Case Report

Raed A1*, Alturki A2

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Synthetic Vasopressin and Oxytocin Analogs and Their Potential Use in Hemorrhagic, Traumatic and Septic Shock: A Personal Perspective- Editorial

Altura BM1-5*, Gebrewold A1, Carella A1, Altura BT1,3-5

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Fibrin Glue Mesh Fixation (GMF) Vs Sutures Mesh Fixation (SMF) In Human Open Inguinal Hernia Repair (OIHR): Surgically and Histologically- Research Article

Ghonimi WAM1*, Elhorbity MA2

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Effects of Smoking on Hand Tendon Repair: Scientific Study & Literature Review- Review Article

Samona J*, Samona S, Gilin M, Carwile D, Persons S, AG Dass

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Rupture of Splenic Aneurysm: A Rare Case Report- Case Report

Amini M, Safapour S, Moghbeli M*

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Colorectal Anastomotic Leakage: A new, Validated Rat Model- Research Article

Kevin WY van Barneveld1, Konstantinos A Vakalopoulos2, Joanna WAM Bosmans1, Ruben RM Vogels1, Geesien SA Boersema2, Marion JJ Gijbels3,4,5, Jack PM Cleutjens4, Johannes Jeekel2, Johan F Lange2, Nicole D Bouvy1*

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Insights into Chronic Postsurgical Pain- Research Article

Prgolizzi JV, Zampogna G , Robert Taylor Jr*, Raffa RB

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A Decisive Role of [18F] Fdg PET/CT for Diagnosis of Neoplastic Vascular Thrombosis: Report of A Case- Case Report

Travaini LL*, Chiappa A, Monteleone M, Orecchia R, Grana CM

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Why is Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation Difficult to Prevent and Treat: Potential Roles of Unrecognized Magnesium Deficiency and Release of Ceramide and Platelet-Activating Factor- Research Article

BM Altura*, NC Shah, GJ Shah, JL Perez-Albela, BT Altura

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The Development and Current Practices for Enhanced Recovery Following Colorectal Resection in The United Kingdom- Brief Report

Hariharan V

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A Case of Synchronous Renal and Splenic Artery Embolism in a Patient with Atrial Fibrillation- Case Report

Maria Tsachiridi

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Active Hexose Correlated Compound and T Cell Response in Hind - Limb - Unloaded BALB/c Mice- Research Article

Kogiso M, Wakame K, Sakai T, Yamamoto S, Sundaresan A, Kulkarni AD*

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Gallstone Coleus: A Rare Relation of Gallstone Ileus- Review Article

Howells L, Liasis L, Demosthenous M*

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Guided Regeneration of Nerve Repair by Means of Local Administration of Insulin-Like Growth Factor I In Streptozotocin Induced Diabetes In Rats- Research Article

Mohammadi R*, Rostami H, Payman T, Salam E, Salehi H, Aliyali P, Soleimani H, Amini K

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Anaemia in Surgical Sepsis and Stress: The Roles of Erythropoietin, Iron and Steroids- Retracted

Smits M*, Hart C, Sivarajah G, Abbas S

Spectrum of Surgical Presentation of Eosinophilic Enteritis: A Case Series- Case Report

Shetty SS, Shetty CK

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Combined Duodenal Atresia and Pure Esophageal Atresia- Case Report

Alaish SM

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What is Acceptable; More Deaths Pre Transplant or More Deaths Post-Transplant. Share 35 Liver Allocation System- Editorial

Habib S1*, Khan K2

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Omphalomesenteric Duct Remnant As A Cause Of Small Bowel Obstruction With Incidental Appendiceal Carcinoid: A Case Report- Case Report

Jordan Heuser*,Jacinthe Lampron

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Negative Pressure Therapy with Intraperitoneal Saline Instillation in the Open Septic Abdomen - Short Communication

Jimenez-Fuertes M1*, Ruiz-Tovar J1, Duran-Poveda M1, Garcia-Olmo D2

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Caveolin-1 Polymorphisms and Cancer risk in Asian: A Meta - Analysis - Case Report Retracted

Anorectal Malformation with Colonic Duplication and Dual Rectovaginal Fistulae - Case Report

Platt KD, Wu AJ, Nunez Lopez O, Wang KS, Bowen-Jallow KA*

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A Case Series of Laparoscopic Duodenojejunostomy for the Treatment of Pediatric Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome - Research Article

Bohanon FJ, Nunez Lopez O, Graham BM, Griffin LW, Radhakrishnan RS*

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