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Neonatal Eye Defects and its Stem Cell Therapeutics- Review Article - IJST

Upadhyay RK

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Efficacy of Deadprobiotic Cells - Editorial - IJFS

S. Sarkar

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Carbohydrate Intake and Dietary Fiber Ratio as Diagnostic Tool for Diet Quality and Prognostics of Insulin Resistance in Brazilian Free-living Adults - Review Article - IJFS

Bernardino C, McLellan KC*, Corrente JE, Burini RC

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Multiple Myeloma: Concise Review of the Literature and A Case Report of Mandibular Involvement- Case Report- IJDOS

Hong K, Lim AA, Wong R, Chan EH, Islam I*

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The Significance of Brushing Time In Removing Dental Plaque- Case Report- IJDOS

George J, John J*

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CBCT Variants of Sinonasal Cavity: What Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists Need to Know - Review Article- IJDOS

Omami G

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Angioleiomyoma of Nasal Septum: Case Report and Literature Review- Case Report- IJCEO

Varun V. Varadarajan*, Justice JM

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Analgesic Effect of Wound Infiltration with Morphine versus Dexketoprofen, Tramadol, and Bupivacaine in Lumbar Disc Surgeries - Research Article- IJAR

Arslan Z, Kara D, Yolaş C, Ozmen O, Eroğlu A*

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Infant Feeding Practices Implemented by HIV-Positive Mothers in South Africa- Research Article- IJHR

Mbokane AN, Ehlers VJ*, Roos JH

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Aetiology and Management of Epistaxis - A Prospective Clinical Study- Research Article- IJCEO

Bhadouriya SS*, Raghuvanshi S

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Investigation of Isolating of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells From Umbilical Cord Blood and Labeling them with 99m Technetium- Research Article- IJST

S Abolhassani, Yavari K*, Mohammadnejad J

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Peri-Operative Inflammatory Cytokines in Plasma of the Elderly Correlate in Prospective Study with Postoperative Changes in Cognitive Test Scores - Research Article- IJAR

Kline R*, Wong E, Haile M, Didehvar S, Farber S, Sacks A, Pirraglia E, de Leon MJ, Bekker A

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Management of HIV During Pregnancy- Review Article- IJHR

Chamma JP, Monteleone VF, V dos Reis L, Bonafe SM, Panão M*

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Early Clinical Manifestations of Congenital Rubella Syndrome in Oman, 1980-2015- Research Article- IJVR

Al-Awaidy ST*, Allison RD

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Brown Tumors or Bone Metastases in Context of Parathyroid Carcinoma: A Diagnostic Challenge- Research Article - IJBRR

Blasco LG*, Cozar-Santiago MD, Ferrer-García JC, Sánchez Juan C

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Semisitting Position and Venous Air Embolism in Neurosurgical Patients with Patent Foramen Ovale: A Systematic Analysis - Research Article - IJAR

Kurnutala LN*, Sandhu G, Stoicea N, Kinthala S, Wei L, Bergese SD

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Living kidney donation: evolution of strategies- Editorial - IJST

Shrestha BM

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Anemia Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Research Article - IJPA

Castro K*, Marchezan J, Faccioli LS, Riesgo R, Perry IS

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Integrating Dental Care into Patient Centered Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations: A United States of America Perspective- Review Article- IJDOS

Kazimiroff J*, Spal S, Farson D, Meissner P

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Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Retinal Vasculature Shadowing on Enface Swept Source Oct, in Healthy Subjects and Diabetic Macular Edema - Research Article - IJOES

Hanhart J*, Arieli Y, Caspi A, Rozenman Y

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Relation of Pupil Size and retinal diseases - Research Article - IJOES

Rickmann A*, Waizel M, Kazerounian S, Szurman P, Boden KT

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Role of Acid-sensing Ion Channels (ASICs) in the Vascular Endothelial Cells Injury of Henoch- Schonlein Purpura Children - Research Article- IJCMA

Qi-di Peng, Yuan LP*, Yan B, Guo XY, Hu Bo

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Relationship between Presarcopenia and Trabecular Bone Score in HIV - Infected People- Research Article- IJHR

Briongos-Figuero LS*, Palacios-Martín T, Bachiller-Luque P, de Luis D, Pérez-Castrillón JL

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New Features to Increase the Thermopower in Magnetic Semiconductors - Research Article- IJMN

LI Koroleva*, AS Morozov, IK Batashev, AM Balbashov

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Microsatellite DNA Marker Based Genetic Polymorphism in Wallago attu- Research Article- IJBBS

Muddassar Zafar M, Abbas K*, Basharat H, Ahmad T, Hussain U

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NASA Task Load Index Scale to Evaluate the Cognitive Workload during Cardiac Anesthesia Based Simulation Scenarios - Research Article - IJAR

Bhandary SP*, Lipps J, Winfield SR, Abdel-Rasoul M, Stoicea N, Pappada SM, Papadimos TJ

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Inhibitory - Proliferative Adaptation - Research Article - IJVR

Robert Skopec

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Production and Simple Purification of Recombinant Human Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor using the Inteintag in Escherichia Coli - Research Article - IJMBG

Peymanfar P, Roghanian R*, Ghaedi K, Sayed H, Yari R

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More Article

Is Glaucoma an Optic Neuropathy? - Case Report

Syed S. Hasnain*

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Detecting Low-Velocity Impact Damage in Composite Plates via a Minimization of Measured and Simulated Origin Approach -Review Article

Gilad G*, Brook A, Uri Sol

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Nanoparticle Based Combination Treatments for Targeting Multiple Hallmarks of Cancer -Review Article

VanDyke D, Kyriacopulos P, Yassini B, Wright A, Burkhart E, Jacek S, Pratt M, Peterson CR, Rai P*

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Removal of Heavy Metals by Indigenous Microorganisms and Identification of Gene Responsible for Remediation -Research Article

M. H. Fulekar*

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Anorectal Malformation with Colonic Duplication and Dual Rectovaginal Fistulae - Case Report

Platt KD, Wu AJ, Nunez Lopez O, Wang KS, Bowen-Jallow KA*

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A Case Series of Laparoscopic Duodenojejunostomy for the Treatment of Pediatric Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome - Research Article

Bohanon FJ, Nunez Lopez O, Graham BM, Griffin LW, Radhakrishnan RS*

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The Small and Powerful Nanobodies (Nbs) Originating from Peculiar Animals used for Therapy of Cancers - Review Article

Zhang N, Guo H, Zheng W, Wang P, Ma X*

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Toxicity and Anxiolytic Property of Nettle in Mice in Light/Dark Test - Research Article

Doukkali Z*, Taghzouti K, Bouidida El H, Kamal R, El Jemeli M, Bahia B, Zellou A, Cherrah Y, Alaoui K

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High Resolution TEM Characterisation of Hydrogen Peroxide Treated Tooth Structures - Research Article

Mohan V*, Young ND, Kaiser M, Bolten H

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Evaluation of Mixed-Dentition Employing Three Different Methods: Plaster, Digital, CBCT and Directly Measurements of Non-Erupted Permanent Teeth in CBCT - Research Article

Rossi RC*

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PAR-2-Mediated Relaxation of Rectum is Impaired Following Bacillary Dysentery in Rat - Research Article

Luo Y, Wang Q, Liu C*

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Investigation of Electron Transport Through Alkanedithoil of Functionalized Zn3P2 Nanowires for Hydrogen Production -Research Article

Li H*, Yu YH, Vasiraju V, Vaddiraju S, Cheng Z*

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Dichorio-Triamniotic Triplet Pregnancy after Day 3 Single Embryo Transfer- Case Report

Gala A, Vintejoux E, Scalici E, Ferrieres A, Bringer-Deutsch S, Vincens C, Loup V, Brunet C, Boulot P, Anahory T, Hamamah S*

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