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  • Non Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy

Use of Tropical Strains: Aspergillus vadensis and Aspergillus oryzae as Producers of a-Amylases in Biotechnological Practice - Research Article

Adejuwon AO1,2*, Tsygankova VA3

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Effect of Cold Pretreatment, Anthers Orientation, Spikelet Position and Donor Tiller on the Callusing Response in Barley Anther In vitro Culture - Research Article

El Goumi Y1*, Fakiri M1, Benbachir M2, Essayagh S2, Lamsaouri O1

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Application of Synthetic Low Molecular Weight Heterocyclic Compounds Derivatives of Pyrimidine, Pyrazole and Oxazole in Agricultural Biotechnology as a New Plant Growth Regulating Substances - Research Article

Tsygankova VA1*, Andrusevich YaV1, Shtompel OI1, Romaniuk OV2, Yaikova MYu2, Hurenko AO1, Solomyanny RM1, Abdurakhmanova ER1, Klyuchko SV1, Holovchenko OV1, Bondarenko OM1, Brovarets VS1

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Screening of Five and Six-Membered Nitrogen-Containing Heterocyclic Compounds as New Effective Stimulants of Linum Usitatissimum L.Organogenesis in Vitro - Research Article

Tsygankova VA, Bayer OO*, Andrusevich Ya V, Galkin AP, Brovarets VS, Yemets AI, Blume Ya B

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Principal Component Analysis of Mouse Genomes Unravels Strong Genetic Robustness during Evolution - Research Article

Reuveni E*, Samson AO, Giuliani A

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