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Volume : 5 ; Issue: 1e (Current Issue)

miRNAs Expression Profiling, An Exploratory Method for Revealing First-Hand Biomarkers to Predict Disease Progression - Editorial

Islam SMR*

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Effect of Influenza-A Virus Infection On Inflammatory gene Expression Profiles of Leukocyte Concentrate Buffy Coats and Exacerbation of Azthma (Inflammatory Response to Influenzaa Virus Infection) - Research Article

Al-Ghazal AT*, Ismail SI, Al-Umary YI, Al-Khuzie RF, Assaf AA

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Molecular Characterization of Human Adenoviruses in Children Suffered From Acute Gastroenteritis By Partial Hexon Region - Research Article

Rambha Tripathi, Vani Gupta, Divya Gupta, Dharam Veer Singh, Pooja Gaur, Ravish Katiyar, Shally Awasthi, Piyali Bhattacharya, Tapan N Dhole*

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Prevalence of HPV in Oesophageal Biopsies and its Correlation with Expression Of P16INK4A - Research Article

Misra V*, Singh A, Misra SP, Dwivedi M, Verma K, Dhingra V, Trivedi P

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Molecular Identification of Viruses Responsible for Severe Symptoms on Potato (Solanum sp.) growing in Assiut Governorate (Upper Egypt)- Research Article

Osama A. Abdalla*, Amal I. Eraky, Safynaz A. Mohamed, F. G. Fahmy

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The Effectiveness of Method on Maintenance Treatment on the Addicted Life Quality in the World: Meta - Analysis and Systematic Review- Research Article

Bahrami Z, Abasi Z, Sayehmiri K*

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Epidemiologic Dominance of HIV-1 Subtype CRF02_AG in Ghana: Preliminary Virological Evidence of Increasing Association With New Infections- Research Article

Nii-Trebi NI*, Barnor JS, Musah BO, Ampofo WK

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Seasonal Variation in Inflammatory Breast Cancer- Research Article

Levine PH*, Liu Y, Veneroso C, Hashmi S, Cristofanilli M

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Novel Approaches to the Prevention and Treatment of Rabies- Review Article

Gnanadurai CW, Huang CT, Kumar D, Zhen F. Fu*

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Single- and/or double-membrane viral factories?- Editorial

Romero-Brey I

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Proteomic and Electron Microscopy Study of bacteriophages From Bartonella Henselae And Bartonella Grahamii Research Article

Nahalkova J*1,2, Nielsen ML3,4

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The Microbiologist's Response to a Changing world Editorial

Juan Carlos Zapata1*, Maria Salvato2

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Can plant-derived vaccines improve global human health? Editorial

Kathleen L. Hefferon

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