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Volume : 3 ; Issue: 1 (Current Issue)

Surgical Treatment of the Frontal Sinus Lateral Mucocele with Multiple Sinus Bony Wall Defects- Case Report

Karina Jelagova*

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Outcome Measurement Between Transtympanic and Tympanomeatal Flap Elevation Approach in Myringoplasty: A Day Care Procedure- Research Article

Sahu A1*, Talukdar J2, Datta DJ2

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Aesthethic Complications of Nasal Septum Resection- Research Article

KB Lipski*, DA Sidorenkov, GA Aganesov, AA Malakhov

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Voice Therapy outcomes in Type-I Sulcus Vocalis: Case Studies- Research Article

Kumar R*, Sharma P, Vir D, Panda NK

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Multicentric Thyroid Carcinoma: Epidemiological and Histological Analysis in a Cancer Reference Hospital- Research Article

Goulart RN, Medina Santos LR*, Borba C, Priscila A

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Aetiology and Management of Epistaxis - A Prospective Clinical Study- Research Article

Bhadouriya SS*, Raghuvanshi S

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Angioleiomyoma of Nasal Septum: Case Report and Literature Review- Case Report

Varun V. Varadarajan*, Justice JM

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Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis: Surgical and Therapeutic Results in an Adult Woman- Research Article

Radhakrishnan N*, Mathisen DJ

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Multifocal Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans- Case Report

Weinstock M, Berman R, Sanfilippo N, Myssiorek D*

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Is there Optimal Behavioral Treatment Intensity for Dysphagia?- Review Article

Kaipa R*, Thomas RM

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Extrahepatic Nasal Manifestations of Hepatitis C Virus- Editorial

Amr El-Shazly

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Upregulation of the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC-I) in Auditory Hair Cells Exposed To Interferon Alpha- Research Article

Sabo D*, El-Kady MA, Li-Korotky HS, Durrant JD, Palmer C

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