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Volume : 4 ; Issue:3 (Current Issue)

Dietary Epigenetic Factors Influencing Central Obesity - Research Article

Telles S*, Fernandes D

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Production and Simple Purification of Recombinant Human Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor using the Inteintag in Escherichia Coli - Research Article

Peymanfar P, Roghanian R*, Ghaedi K, Sayed H, Yari R

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Bacteriophage - Mediated Micro Biome Manipulation: A Novel Venture in Fostering Infant Gut Health Malaria - Review Article

Ebinesh A*, Kailash T.V

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Compliment Receptor Type - 1 (CD35) Gene Polymorphism and Plasmodium falciperum Malaria - Research Article

Saket RD*, Kol S, Tripathi AK, Singh SP, Tipathi J, Chauhan UK

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The Use of Medical Devices in Italy And Europe: The Need Of A Careful Control Policy - Review Article

Vacchiano G, Vyshka G

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Genetic Control and Phytohormonal Regulation of Plant Embryogenesis - Review Article

V.A. Tsygankova

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Endemic Opisthorchis Felineus Infection Limits Changes of Individual with Mutant Cyp1a1 and Gstm1 Genes to be Effectively Involved in Oil Field Working in the North of Siberia - Review Article

N.N. Ilyinskikh*, E.N.Ilyinskikh

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The Biotechnology and Genetics Race: Biomaterials Versus Biological Materials in Orthopaedic Applications - Editorial

Murr L E*

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Extraction of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Human Primary Dental Pulps and Labeling With Tc99m, Differentiation Them to Cardiac Cells - Retracted

Farzaneh Jabari1*, Javad Mohammadnejad2, Kamal Yavari3

Screening of Five and Six-Membered Nitrogen-Containing Heterocyclic Compounds as New Effective Stimulants of Linum Usitatissimum L.Organogenesis in Vitro - Research Article

Tsygankova VA, Bayer OO*, Andrusevich Ya V, Galkin AP, Brovarets VS, Yemets AI, Blume Ya B

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Principal Component Analysis of Mouse Genomes Unravels Strong Genetic Robustness during Evolution - Research Article

Reuveni E*, Samson AO, Giuliani A

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