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Volume : 4 ; Issue: 1e (Current Issue)

Use of HDFx, a Novel Immunomodulator, to Stop the Germs from Winning in Hospitals and on The Battlefields : The Dangers of Antibiotic Resistance- Editorial

Altura BM1-5*, Altura BT1,3-5

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Agriculture: Main Producer Of World Cancer Epidemic- Review Article

Robert Skopec*

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HDFx: A Novel Immunomodulator and Potential Superbug Super - Warrior for Hospitalized Patients and Battlefield Casualties- Editorial

Altura BM*

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How Zika Virus Crosses The Placental Barrier?- Review Article

Shafique S

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Inhibitory - Proliferative Adaptation- Research Article

Robert Skopec

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Early Clinical Manifestations of Congenital Rubella Syndrome in Oman, 1980-2015- Research Article

Al-Awaidy ST*, Allison RD

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A Comparative Approach on Shelf Life Stability of Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine Produced from Imported and Locally Formulated Bulk in Private Sector Facility of Pakistan- Review Article

Hassan A K*, Kulsum A, Hassan A U

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Vaccine killed Kanchha † (?): an analysis of pros vs cons views - Review Article

Ghimire TR*

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Liver Fluke, Opisthorchis viverrini, Vaccine – The Future Hope - Editorial

Wiwanitkit V

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Prokaryotic Expression of VP7 Gene and Subunit Vaccine Preparation of Bovine Rotavirus - Research Article

Wei S, Che T, Song C, Tian F, Ma Z*

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Molecular Mechanisms of HPV Infection in the Lower Genital Tract - Editorial

G Androutsopoulos, G Adonakis, G Decavalas

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