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Antonio Simone Lagana, University of Messina, Italy
"So far, I had a great experience to serve SciDoc Publishers as Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Reproduction, Fertility & Sexual Health (IJRFSH). This Open Access high-quality Journal publishes excellent papers, covering all major areas of Reproduction, Fertility & Sexual Health, from molecular studies to clinical investigations."

Zofia A. Dziuganowska, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
"SciDoc Publishers develops very fast by launching new journals related to different domains of science. Owing to Open Access, it removes barriers of traditional publishing models and it allows the entire scientific community to access to new developments. The whole process of submission of a manuscript is simple and clearly explained. I recommend publishing in SciDoc journals as another good outlet for scientific research that allows wide dissemination of results. Furthermore, I think that authors should feel encouraged to submit their manuscripts again. I believe that SciDoc Publishers is going to be successful in the near future"

Hari Shanker Sharma, Uppsala University, Sweden
"The journal has gained wide reputation among the researchers and industry in the field of pharmacology & toxicology in such a short period is quite remarkable. My experience as editorial board member is very satisfactory with the journal. The peer-review system and speed of publication is quite impressive. I hope that the journal will become one of the important sources of knowledge and reference for the scientists working in the field either as educator, researcher or students alike."

Rzgar M Jaafar, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
"There is no doubt that SciDoc publishers have a great impact on scientific community, at the time where the SciDoc publishers in the growing process. To keep this expansion we must always bear into our mind the rapid replay to the authors"

Fabrizio Stasolla, University of Bari, Italy
"I think that SciDoc Publishers has a growing impact in the scientific community, ensuring researchers with a fast peer-review process, addressing critical topics and covering different domains of information, science and technology. The opportunity of Open Access journals allows a wide dissemination of theoretical and practical knowledge, concerning various fields and areas, among professionals, scientists, parents and caregivers."

Emmanuel Chinedum Ibezim, University of Nigeria, Nigeria
"SciDoc Publishers, through her wide range of journals, is doing a great job in disseminating useful, timely and scientific information to the researchers worldwide. The journal qualities are very high, majority of them are indexed in highly rated and top profile indexing bodies. The scope of readership covered is equally and highly intriguing. I strongly recommend SciDoc Publishers as a place to be in hitech scientific publication, for upcoming and established scientists."

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