Submission Guidelines and Publication Process

Submission Guidelines


SciDoc Publishers, is seamlessly increasing its horizon only to disseminate the scientific knowledge, as it abides by the rules of Open Access. Now, we have taken another step introducing e-Books, to reduce your time and money, and provide you with opportunities to gain complete access to obtain a lump some information regarding the desired subject with respect to STM (Science, Technology and Medicine).

Our goal is to help facilitate our authors for professional publishing of ebooks with SciDoc Publishers. The preparation and publication of an ebook is a joint effort between author(s) and publisher. Kindly find below the instructions which will guide the authors while preparing their ebook/chapters.

We encourage authors to concentrate on the scientific content of their ebook and the rest of the matters related to minor layout and compiling are left to us.

Publishing benefits with SciDoc:

We offer you with the following benefits:

a. Easy submission process
b. Thorough and vigorous eBook Peer Review
c. Complementary eBook Access for all contributors
d. Publication in multiple formats - PDF, HTML

e-Book/Chapter Submission

For online submissions, the complete ebook/chapter(s) must be provided in a single zipped folder containing soft copies of all the materials:

  1. Main text in MS word
  2. Figures/illustrations, tables, equations and chemical structures as separate files
  3. A PDF version of the entire ebook/chapter must also be included, embedded with all the figures/illustrations/tables/chemical structures etc. in the correct location.

Publishing Agreement

Once the peer-reviewed ebook proposal is approved by SciDoc Publishers, the Editor/Author agrees to sign a publishing contract for their ebook with the publisher.

Criteria to be followed:
  1. The language accepted to publish an e-Book is English (American/Britain).
  2. All pages must be numbered sequentially.
  3. Authors from non-English speaking countries should collaborate with English speaking colleagues who can guide and improve the language, style and grammar of the e-Book.
  4. Submission of an e-Book/chapter entails that the work has not yet been published elsewhere previously nor is under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  5. Submission of any content to SciDoc Publishers will automatically transfer all rights to them regarding publication, selling and distribution in any form of media (electronic and printed, etc).
  6. It is the responsibility of the person/author submitting the contents, to have priorly explained (in written) about the organization/person, where/by whom the work was carried out.
  7. Submitted e-Books/chapters will not be edited for language or style, and the publisher and / or reviewers may advise the rejection of a ebook/chapters if it is has grammatical errors.
  8. It is imperative that before submission, authors should thoroughly proofread the e-Book/chapter content files for mathematical symbols, special characters, Greek letters, references and images, equations, tables to ensure that they appear in proper order and format.

Publication Process

Review process and Promptness of Publication

All e-Books submitted for publication are immediately subjected to editorial scrutiny, in consultation with members of the SciDoc Advisory Board and by internal independent reviewers. Every effort will be taken to peer review submitted ebooks rapidly. e-Books which are delayed by authors in revision for more than 30 days will have to send an acknowledgement regarding the additional time that would take to complete the revision of the e-Book. e-Books accepted for publication are typeset and proofs are dispatched to authors for any corrections prior to final publication.

Proof Corrections

Editors/Authors will receive page proofs of their accepted eBook/chapter before publication. To avoid delays in publication, proofs should be checked immediately for typographical errors and returned within 48 hours. Major changes are not acceptable at the proof stage. If unable to send corrections within 48 hours due to some reason, the author(s) must at least send an acknowledgement on receiving the galley proofs or the e-Book/chapter will be published exactly as received and the publishers will not be responsible for any error occurring in the published material in this regard.

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