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SciDoc Publishers offers the following services to e-Book editors /authors:


High quality printed reprints and e-prints of all the published chapters are available for purchase, if ordered, with a minimum number of 100 reprints or e-prints.

Author Fee-Based Open Access eBooks

Open Access ebooks are freely available to download and view. The upfront charge for publishing:

  1. First 3 chapters – US$ 300 (If only 1 chapter is submitted the charges are US$ 300).
  2. Additional chapters inclusion, then the charges will be US$ 80 per chapter.

Note: A chapter should not include more than 12 pages. If the page number exceeds more than 12 pages, the charges will be US$ 4 per page.

For any chapter to be published as Open Access, it is a pre-condition that there are no errors in English grammar nor any plagiarism. Before the chapter is considered for publication, the e-Book editor must also confirm that he/she has reviewed the chapter for scientific contents and considers the content suitable for publication.

Promotional Services

SciDoc Publishers offers the following promotional services to editors /authors and chapter authors at the time of finalization of the e-Book proofs.

  1. You can opt to publicize the abstract of your e-Book Chapter at SciDoc Publishers homepage.
  2. Institutions/universities can also publish their online banner advertisements at the e-Book home page.
  3. The Institution's library / colleagues of authors/ editors may order a certain number of printed copies at a discounted price:

    - 15% off for 10-99 printed books
    - 30% off for 100 or more printed books;

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