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Paragon - SciDoc Publishers

Cambridge Innovation Institute

Cambridge Innovation Institute delivers cutting edge information through events, publishing, and training to leading commercial, academic, government and research institutes across the life science and energy industries. Cambridge Innovation Institute consists of two business areas; our coverage of advances in life sciences under the well-established Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) brand, and coverage of rechargeable batteries under the newly established Cambridge EnerTech (CET) brand. We focus on high technology fields where research and development are essential for the advancement of innovation.

Visit : www.cambridgeinnovationinstitute.com

Conferences organized by Cambridge Innovation Institute

Biological + Chemical Sensors Summit 2016

Conferences Dates :  5th-7th, December, 2016
Venue : La Jolla, CA, USA

For More Details : www.sensorsglobalsummit.com

Paragon - SciDoc Publishers

International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC)

IQPC's conference producers have day-in, day-out working contact with experts and your peers. Our conferences are based on firsthand, intimate knowledge of what's going on in a specific subject, functional specialty or industry.

Visit : www.iqpc.com

Conferences organized by IQPC

4th Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum

Conferences Dates :  November 30 - December 2, 2016
Venue : Sheraton Philadelphia University City Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

For More Details : pharmaceuticaltraceabilityforum.com

Terrapinn - SciDoc Publishers


Nothing beats the experience of meeting people face-to-face to gain inspiration, to learn and to do business. At Terrapinn, we curate events that stimulate the brain, spur creativity and facilitate meeting. Our conferences are major industry gatherings focusing on strategy, innovation and technology and our trade exhibitions are marketplaces for global business.

Europe's most successful vaccine event is now entering its 16th year.

For 15 years the World Vaccine Congress in Europe has been the leading event to talk about scientific advances and find new business opportunities within the vaccine sector and this year is no exception.

Visit : www.terrapinn.com

Conferences organized by Terrapinn


European Antibody Congress - 2016

Conferences Dates : 14th - 16th November, 2016
Venue : Congress Center Basel, Switzerland, Basel

For More Details : www.terrapinn.com/conference/european-antibody-congress/


World Biosimilar Congress - 2016

Conferences Dates : 14th - 15th November, 2016
Venue : Congress Center Basel, Switzerland, Basel

For More Details : www.terrapinn.com/conference/world-biosimilar-congress/


World Immunotherapy Congress - 2016

Conferences Dates : 14th - 16th November 2016
Venue : Congress Center Basel, Switzerland, Basel

For More Details : www.terrapinn.com/conference/world-immunotherapy-congress/


HPAPI World Congress - 2016

Conferences Dates : 16th November 2016
Venue : Congress Center Basel, Switzerland, Basel

For More Details : www.terrapinn.com/conference/hpapi-world-congress/


World Orphan Drug Congress - 2016

Conferences Dates : 15th - 17th November, 2016
Venue : Sheraton Airport Hotel, Brussels

For More Details : www.terrapinn.com/conference/world-orphan-drug-congress


World Vaccine Congress Europe - 2016

Conferences Dates : 10th - 12th October 2016
Venue : Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos, Barcelona

For More Details : www.terrapinn.com/conference/world-vaccine-congress-europe/


World Veterinary Vaccine Congress - 2016

Conferences Dates : 10th - 12th October 2016
Venue : Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos, Barcelona

For More Details : www.terrapinn.com/conference/world-veterinary-vaccine-congress/


Immune Profiling World Congress - 2016

Conferences Dates : 11th - 12th October 2016
Venue : Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos, Barcelona

For More Details : www.terrapinn.com/conference/Immune-Profiling-World-Congress/

World Vaccine Congress 2015

Conferences Dates : 9 - 11 November, 2015
Venue : Silken Puerta America, Madrid, Spain

For More Details : www.terrapinn.com/conference/world-vaccine-congress-europe

ziptravelgroup - SciDoc Publishers

Zip Travel Group

We are a group of motivated people working to motivate other people. We are high-flying professionals, with creativity, always, at every stage of design and realization. We are professionals specialized in different functional areas, all internal. Creative, account, travel planners, and administrative, operational, and why not .. also IATA Accreditated Agent. Events, trips, incentive travels, DMC, are different areas in which our passion is expressed.Our aim is to surprise you, to create experiences, and give memorable messages.

Visit : ziptravelgroup.com

Conferences organized by ziptravelgroup

3rd International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research

Conferences Dates : November 16th-18th, 2016
Venue : Padua, Italy

For More Details : stemcellspadua.org

gtcbio.com - SciDoc Publishers

Global Technology Community

GTCbio is a leading information center that provides quality forums,which facilitate the exchange of biopharmaceutical and biomedical intelligence between industry leaders, academic and government organizations, and the financial community. Our conferences cover a variety of topics, such as stem cell therapeutics, infectious diseases, biotech partnering, pharmaceutical litigation, government regulation, bio-based chemicals and many more.

Visit : www.gtcbio.com

Conferences organized by Global Technology Community


Novel Cancer Therapeutics Summit - November , 2016

Conferences Dates : 7th -9th November , 2016
Venue : Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco, CA,USA

For More Details : www.gtcbio.com/conferences/cancer-therapeutics-summit-overview

The Novel Cancer Therapeutics Summit consists of four conferences :

1. 2nd Cancer Diagnostics - November 7th - 8th, 2016
2. Cancer Immunotherapy - November 7th - 8th, 2016
3. 5th Cancer Epigenetics - November 8th - 9th, 2016
4. 5th Oncology Partnering & Deal-Making - November 8th - 9th, 2016


CNS Diseases World Summit - September , 2016

Conferences Dates : 12th -15th September, 2016
Venue : Hyatt Regency Harbor,Boston, MA,USA

For More Details : www.gtcbio.com/conferences/cns-diseases-world-summit-overview

The CNS Diseases World Summit consists of two, back-to-back conferences:

1. 10th Neurodegenerative Conditions Research & Development - September 12th-13th, 2016
2. 9th CNS Partnering & Deal-Making - September 14th - 15th , 2016


Modern Drug Discovery & Development Summit - September , 2016

Conferences Dates : 12th -15th September, 2016
Venue : Hyatt Regency Harbor,Boston, MA,USA

For More Details : www.gtcbio.com/conferences/modern-drug-discovery-development-summit-m3d-overview

The Modern Drug Discovery & Development Summit consists of  four conferences that will cover the latest hot topics in drug discovery :

1. 11th Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry - September 12th -13th, 2016
2. 3rd Cell & Gene Therapy - September 12th -13th, 2016
3. 7th Non-Coding RNA & RNAi Therapeutics - September 14th -15th, 2016
4. 4th GPCR in Drug Discovery - September 14th - 15th, 2016

Protein Discovery Summit 2015

Conferences Dates : 22-23 October, 2015
Venue : Boston, MA,USA

For More Details : www.gtcbio.com/conferences/protein-discovery-summit-overview

marcusevans - SciDoc Publishers


Marcus evans specialises in the research and development of strategic events for senior business executives. From our international network of 63 offices, marcus evans produces over 1000 event days a year on strategic issues in corporate finance, telecommunications, technology, health, transportation, capital markets, human resources and business improvement.

Above all, marcus evans provides clients with business information and knowledge which enables them to sustain a valuable competitive advantage and makes a positive contribution to their success.

Visit : www.marcusevans.com

Conferences organized by marcusevans

Quality Risk Management & Process Validation Life Cycle

Description: This marcus evans conference will help delegates implementing a quality risk management approach into their existing quality systems, understanding how to assess and evaluate risks in their companies and with their Third party partners. They will also gain insights from various companies with the development of continuous process verification, approaching the management of data and preventing potential pitfalls in its implementation.

Conferences Dates :   28th-30th September , 2016
Venue : Berlin, Germany

For More Details : www.marcusevans-conferences-paneuropean.com/marcusevans-conferences-event-details.asp

Achieving Smart Manufacturing Excellence: MES, PLM and ERP Integration

Description: This marcus evans event is designed to bring together leading manufacturing experts from a wide range of plants and site across Europe to share quality and in-depth case studies on how to prepare for the evolution to digital manufacturing. Delegates will learn how to achieve optimal productivity levels through improved operational excellence, whilst always meeting customers expectations and demands. You will understand both how to dispel concerns surrounding security and data management and overcome barriers to ALM and rapid prototyping; how to exploit 3D printing on a mass production scale and ultimately how to transform your cost centre into a profit centre.

Conferences Dates : 21-23 September, 2016
Venue : Amsterdam, Netherlands

For More Details : www.marcusevans-conferences-paneuropean.com/marcusevans-conferences-event-details.asp

7th Annual Protein Formulation Development and Drug Delivery Forum

Description: This Marcus evans forum will help delegates to give a more coherent, efficient and comprehensive view on the whole formulation process of protein, peptides and vaccines (from pre-formulation, formulation, production, manufacturing and delivery). They will benefit from case studies on major challenge as aggregates, particles, bioavailability, immunogenicity and compatibility and will learn how to minimise risks, time and cost expenditure.

Key Topics:

  • Improve the design of biological formulation with automated and high-throughput solutions
  • Integrate QbD and PAT processes in drug development
  • Enhance stability process controlling aggregation
  • Improve characterization with efficient analytical tools
  • Discuss the regulatory environment around biological drug development
Conferences Dates :  6th- 8th June 2016
Venue : Barcelona, Spain

For More Details : www.marcusevans-conferences-paneuropean.com/marcusevans-conferences-event-details.asp

CongressMed - SciDoc Publishers


CoBrCa will continue the tradition of directly addressing controversial issues in breast cancer faced by clinicians in their daily practice. The congress will address these key issues in the format of debates and discussions, allowing ample time for speaker-participant interaction.

Visit : congressmed.com

Conferences organized by CongressMed

The 2nd World Congress on Controversies in Breast Cancer (CoBrCa) - 2016

Conferences Dates : September 8-11, 2016
Venue : Barcelona, Spain

For More Details : congressmed.com/cobrca/

Connexus Events - SciDoc Publishers

Connexus Events

Connexus Events provides cutting edge development and networking platforms to accelerate individual and corporate performance for today's international business leaders.

Leading the market in knowledge based conferences, trainings, workshops and events. Connexus events delivers quality and innovation to global corporations for gaining the competitive advantage and empowering organizations for success.

Visit : connexusevents.com

Conferences organized by Connexus Events

Oxford Global - SciDoc Publishers

Oxford Global

Oxford Global provides specialist business information for the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences industry in the UK, Europe and Asia. We run some of the most respected congresses, summits, conferences and webinars for industry leaders.

Visit : oxfordglobal.co.uk

Conferences organized by Oxford Global


17th Annual Drug Discovery Summit - 2016

Oxford Global are proud to announce its 17th Annual Drug Discover Leaders Summit and its co-located 4th Annual Drug Design & Discovery Chemistry 2016 in Berlin. This year, 250 delegates representing leading biotech companies, global pharmaceutical organisations and internationally renowned academic institutions will discuss over 55 presentations, case studies and panel discussions focused on the key issues in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry.

Conferences Dates : June 13-14, 2016
Venue : Berlin,Germany

For More Details : drugdiscovery-summit1.com

3rd Annual Drug discovery USA Congress_SciDoc

3rd Annual Drug Discovery USA Congress

Oxford Global's 3rd Annual Drug Discovery USA Congressbrings together over 250 industry leaders to discuss recent developments in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry. Join us at the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley Hotel on the 3rd and 4th October 2016 to hear from the big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, GSK, Genentech, Merck, and AbbVie as well as the new wave of drug discovery start ups from around the Bay Area. Topics to be covered range from exciting screening tools, computer aided drug discovery, overcoming issues with metabolism and off-target liabilities, the role of kinetics in drug discovery and more.

Conferences Dates : October 3-4, 2016
Venue : Hilton San Diego Mission Valley, San Diego, CA, USA

For More Details : discoveryusa-congress.com

Paragon - SciDoc Publishers


Fleming. connects people who know the answers, bring you the know-how you seek and the opportunities you desire. After 13 years in the business, Fleming. has grown to offer a complete portfolio of Conferences, Trainings, Exhibitions, Blended Learning, and Online Conferences on 5 continents in various industries.

Visit : www.fleming.events

Conferences organized by fleming.

4th Annual European Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals Forum - SciDoc Publishers

4th Annual European Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals Forum

Description: Once again our annual European Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals forum will bring together industry leaders as well as other experts who are responsible and deeply involved in sales and marketing strategies.

Conferences Dates :  9-10 November, 2016
Venue : Frankfurt,Germany

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/landing-page/marketing/sales-marketing-effectiveness-chemicals-forum

Regulation & Safety in Cosmetics - SciDoc Publishers

Regulation & Safety in Cosmetics

Description: Over the past five years, the cosmetic industry has met with several legislative changes. Within the new legislative package, including the new REACH and CLP, it is important to find a comfortable routine that will minimize costs while staying effective and compliant with all regulations.

Conferences Dates :  21-22 September 2016
Venue : Munich, Germany

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/pharma/regulations-safety-cosmetics-conference

2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance in Latin America Congress - SciDoc Publishers

2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Compliance in Latin America Congress

Description: Learn best practices in setting-up best compliance programme, how to establish a compliant ethical culture or ways to empower the role of the compliance officer within your organisation.

  • The future of compliance; Innovative mechanisms to mitigate risks and the move into privatization of crime prevention
  • Get updated on the Latin American regulations and understand their impact
  • See how Data privacy becomes more relevant when using social networks and apps to promote pharmaceutical products
  • A deep dive into the European Compliance landscape from European experts - learn what is being done in the region and how it could be applied in LATAM
  • Keys to empower the interaction with HCPs, Associations, Government and Third Parties

Conferences Dates :  2-3 August, 2016
Venue : Sao Paolo,Brazil

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/pharma/pharmaceutical-compliance-latin-america-conference

Clinical Quality & Compliance Masterclass - SciDoc Publishers

Clinical Quality & Compliance Masterclass

Description: Managing clinical quality for greater compliance, effectiveness & audit readiness

  • Get deeper insights from MedImmune into the expectations for risk management and IT systems
  • Explore with Amgen new approaches to auditing investigator sites where a risk based monitoring model is applied
  • Reveal the Strategies from Pfizer and Bristol Myers Squibb, how they ensure the sponsor accountabilities in the quality oversight in an outsourced model
  • Gain first-hand experience from Boehringer Ingelheim, how they create an effective CAPA plan and prepare your own CAPA plan in the workshop
  • Learn from UCB, how they utilize the data analytics in the context of risk-based auditing, risk-based monitoring and fraud detection

Conferences Dates :  16-17 June 2016
Venue : Vienna, Austria

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/pharma/clinical-quality-compliance-masterclass

Stability and Shelf-Life of Biologics - SciDoc Publishers

Stability and Shelf-Life of Biologics

Description: Enjoy interactive way through stimulation of discussions and giving the participants an opportunity to advance their ideas, individual case by case consultancy with the trainers, case studies and much more.

Conferences Dates :  2-3 June, 2016
Venue : Munich, Germany

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/pharma/biologics-stability-training

3rd-Pharmacovigilance-and-Risk-Management-Strategies-Summit - SciDoc Publishers

3rd Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Strategies Summit

Description: Focusing on monitoring the adverse effects of drugs, this event will bring together senior executives from premier pharma companies. The delegates will learn about the latest regulatory updates, risk management, reporting, public communication, electronic healthcare data and other related topics.

Conferences Dates :  25-26 May, 2016
Venue : Philadelphia

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/pharma/pharmacovigilance-risk-management-east-usa-forum

Next-Generation Antibody Therapeutics: Discovery, Engineering, Production - SciDoc Publishers

Next-Generation Antibody Therapeutics: Discovery, Engineering, Production

Description: The purpose of this 2-day training is to bring into focus discovery, engineering and production of therapeutic antibodies. Attendees will gain overview of next-generation antibodies, learn about the latest clinical implications and case studies, review the latest CMC and GMP Guidances and many more.

Conferences Dates :  12-13 May 2016
Venue : Hamburg

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/pharma/next-generation-antibody-therapeutics-trainin

6th Annual Life Science Cold Chain & Product Handling - SciDoc Publishers

6th Annual Life Science Cold Chain & Product Handling

Description: During the two days of the Forum, you will hear best practices of highly experienced speakers, recommendations for tackling your daily challenges and you will also be proactively involved in the discussions, resolutions and findings.

Conferences Dates :  17-18-19 May, 2016
Venue : Amsterdam, Netherlands

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/pharma/cold-chain-temperature-logistics-forum

9th Project and Portfolio Management for Pharma and Biotech - West - SciDoc Publishers

9th Project and Portfolio Management Conference for Pharma and Biotech - West

Description: In a time when pharma R&D costs are increasing and mergers & acquisitions are at an all-time high, the industry needs to consider its next steps. This forum presents a unique chance to discover the best practices in portfolio planning, risk management and decision making.

Conferences Dates :  11 - 12 April, 2016
Venue : San Francisco

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/life-science/project-portfolio-planning-usa-forum

Manufacturing of Biologics and Biosimilars - SciDoc Publishers

Manufacturing of Biologics and Biosimilars

Description: This 2-day training will bring into focus manufacturing of Biologics and Biosimilars. It will provide an opportunity to learn from best practices of the experts in the field. Attendees will be introduced to regulatory requirements, statistics in manufacturing, critical process parameters, and more.

Conferences Dates :  14-15 April 2016
Venue : Munich, Germany

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/pharma/manufacturing-biologics-biosimilars-training

9th Project and Portfolio Management Conference for Pharma and Biotech - East-SciDoc Publishers

9th Project and Portfolio Management Conference for Pharma and Biotech - East

Description: Bringing together senior executives from pharma and biotech, this event seeks to explore new advancements in portfolio management. Focus is placed on a wide variety of topics, R&D effectiveness, risk management, decision-making, due diligence and many others.

Conferences Dates :  09 - 10 March, 2016
Venue : Philadelphia

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/life-science/portfolio-project-planning-forum

New Perspectives for Generic Pharmaceutical Industry-SciDoc Publishers

New Perspectives for Generic Pharmaceutical Industry

Description: Participants will systematically evaluate and develop an understanding of the current situation in the generic pharma industry and learn about new strategies and future challenges.

Conferences Dates :  15-16 March, 2016
Venue : Munich, Germany

For More Details : fleming.events/en/events/pharma/new-perspectives-generic-training

CongressMed - SciDoc Publishers

2016 Guangzhou International Cleanroom Technology & Equipment Exhibition

Guangzhou International Cleanroom Technology & Equipment Exhibition,sponsored by Guangdong Association of Cleanroom Technology, and co-rganized by domestic and overseas industry association and other professional agencies,which can be named as the most professional and largest clean technology exhibition in Asia.

Visit : clcte.com

Conferences organized by 2016 Guangzhou International Cleanroom Technology & Equipment Exhibition

The 2nd Guangzhou International Cleanroom Technology & Equipment Exhibition - 2016

Conferences Dates :  May 13-15, 2016
Venue : Poly World Trade Center Expo (PWTC Expo),Guangzhou, China

For More Details : clcte.com

Paragon - SciDoc Publishers

Paragon Group

Paragon is a leading international Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) specialized in associations, initiated conferences, production and management of conferences and events.

Visit : www.paragong.com

Conferences organized by Paragon Group

The 4th International Conference on Prehypertension, Hypertension and Cardio Metabolic Syndrome

Conferences Dates :  3-6 March, 2016
Venue : Venice, Italy

For More Details : 2016.prehypertension.org/

The 13th International Dead Sea Symposium(IDSS) on Innovations in Cardiac Arrhythmias and Device Therapy

Conferences Dates :  6-9 March, 2016
Venue : David Inter Continental Convention Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

For More Details : idss-ep.com/

MnMConferences - SciDoc Publishers

MnM Conferences

MarketsandMarkets Conferences (MnM Conferences) is a wholly owned division of MarketandMarkets a global market research and intelligence company producing over 1200 premium market research reports every year across 12 different industry verticals.

Visit : www.mnmconferences.com

Conferences organized by MnM Conferences

Infection Control, Sterilization and Decontamination in Healthcare - 2016

Conferences Dates : 25 - 26 February, 2016
Venue : London, UK

For More Details : www.mnmconferences.com/infection-control-sterilization-decontamination-healthcare-uk.html

NGS Data Analysis and Informatics Conference - 2016

Conferences Dates : 18 - 19 February, 2016
Venue : San Diego, USA

For More Details : www.mnmconferences.com/ngs-data-analysis-informatics-congress-usa.html

The Biomarker Conference - 2016

Conferences Dates : 18 - 19 February, 2016
Venue : San Diego, USA

For More Details : www.mnmconferences.com/the-biomarker-conference-florida.html

Genome Editing & Engineering Conference - 2016

Conferences Dates : 18 - 19 February, 2016
Venue : San Diego, USA

For More Details : www.mnmconferences.com/genome-editing-engineering-conference-usa.html

Neuroscience R&D Technologies Conference - 2015

Conferences Dates : 3 - 4 December, 2015
Venue : Barcelona, Spain

For More Details : www.mnmconferences.com/neuroscience-r-and-d-technologies-conference.html

EurekaScience - SciDoc Publishers

Eureka Science Ltd

Eureka Science is an international group providing event management and publishing services for the last many years. We have extensive experience in holding massive, high profile and international scientific conferences that attract the most prominent people in their relevant fields.

Visit : www.eureka-science.com

Conferences organized by Eureka Science Ltd

4th Biotechnology World Congress - 2016

Conferences Dates : 15 - 18 February, 2016
Venue : Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai Women's Campus, Dubai,UAE

For More Details : www.biotechworldcongress.com

7th International Conference On Drug Discovery & Therapy

Conferences Dates : 15 - 18 February, 2016
Venue : Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai Women's Campus, Dubai,UAE

For More Details : www.icddt.com

PMWC - SciDoc Publishers

Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC)

The Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) is an independent and established conference that attracts recognized authorities and experts across healthcare and biotechnology sectors. The Conference showcases practical content that helps close the knowledge gap between different sectors, thereby catalyzing cross-functional collaboration to further adoption of personalized medicine in the clinic.

Visit : 2016sv.pmwcintl.com

Conferences organized by Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC)

Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC)

Conferences Dates : 24 - 27 January, 2016
Venue : Mountain View, CA, USA

For More Details : 2016sv.pmwcintl.com

GlobalEngage - SciDoc Publishers

Global Engage Ltd

Global Engage produces high level Conferences and Summits for - Pharmaceutical, Medical and Technology sectors. With an experienced team of researchers and cutting edge speakers, we provide you with the opportunity to share knowledge; network and most importantly find sources of new models, suppliers and customers.
Visit : www.globalengage.co.uk/

Conferences organized by Global Engage Ltd

Micro Fluidics Congress - 2015

Conferences Dates : 20 - 21 October, 2015
Venue : Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow, London, UK

For More Details : www.globalengage.co.uk/microfluidics.html

Microscopy Congress - 2015

Conferences Dates : 30 November - 1 December, 2015
Venue : London Heathrow Marriott Hotel, London, UK

For More Details : www.globalengage.co.uk/microscopy.html

GlobalEngage - SciDoc Publishers

European Students' Conference Charite Berlin

European Students' Conference Founded by a Charité student in the course of the reunification of East and West Germany in 1989, the ESC was initiated as a conference between the two medical faculties of Berlin: the former eastern "Humboldt-Universtität" and the western "Freie Universität". Later on, the aim of the European Students` Conference was to foster a closer relationship between medical faculties in Europe and the rest of the world. Especially, the scientific exchange was an important goal in those times of major political changes. During the 26 years, its importance and recognition became broader and wider until today, where the ESC welcomes over 400 participants from all over the world each year.

Visit : www.esc-berlin.com/

Conferences organized by European Students' Conference

26th ESC Conferences - Science or Fiction Imagine The Future of Medicine

Conferences Dates: 23rd to 26th September, 2015
Venue :Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Campus Virchow Klinikum, Berlin-Wedding), Germany.

For More Details : www.esc-berlin.com/

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